“a BALANCE between being CREATIVE and CONCEPT minded”


We are Creative Design & Communication Agency.

We do creative, graphic design, infographics, jewellery, photography, strategy, optimisation and conceptualisation. In fact we are here to make your ideas come to life wether it is a product or specific task.


We are convinced that success is best achieved by understanding and responding to human strengths, challenges and skills. The amazing feeling of being ” your own master ” with the respect and challenges it entails, Kanqvist can offer great experience, combined with a combination of “creativity and stability”


Work is not just a place for us, it is also a feeling! It is important to us that we work with the things we love to make a difference, in close collaboration with our partners, customers and future colleagues, so that we always achieve the right result.

Jan Bo Elmqvist


Our Logo

We wanted our logo to show a BALANCE between being CREATIVE and CONCEPT minded.

The Iine inside the circle is the missing back line of the K in Kanqvist. It symbolises our creativity.

The Q is keeping the line inside the circle for stability

Together we are creativity & stability

Why Kanqvist

Jan Bo Elmqvist has worked as a sales representative, where the main focus was sales with know-how and understanding of “THE CONCEPT” with the knowledge of the purchasing stage. He has also worked as a concept keeper and has an understanding of the A to Z strategy. His passion is concepts, flow and optimisation processes.


Chi Mei Kan has worked with creative design, where the main focus of her work has been on being CREATIVE, combined with the right intuition and understanding of a concept from A to Z. Her passion is to create creative and commercial designs.


Kanqvist is therefore a perfect combination of CREATIVITY and STABILITY. We are innovative, honest and respectful of the tasks we are faced with.


” I am best, when I am me “

When a Little Becomes a Lot

For us, it is all about us being there for each other, in the best way we can and with whatever means and opportunities we have.

Kanqvist supports Buy+Aid with the message that everyone can help, big or small. Order chocolate, sweets or office supplies at Buy+Aid and you support the many projects that protect the children’s safety and well-being.