Spinel Dome Jewellery Collection

Spinel dome photoshoot

We had an incredible photoshoot for the Spinel Dome Jewellery Collection at the stunning Levelfloor showroom, which is like a Scandinavian interior dream come to life. The showroom is decked out in various shades of soft, creamy colours, creating the perfect backdrop to make the gold and black spinel gems truly shine and capture their beauty.

Hands in the front of the picture, about to adjust the black spinel drop earrings on a girls ear.

18k Gold Vermeil Black Spinel

This jewellery collection is all about timeless allure. It’s crafted with 18k gold vermeil and features black spinel gemstones with a checkerboard faceted design. Each piece exudes rough sophistication and a touch of luxury. It’s the perfect blend of class and style.

The toilet shoot

For these images, we were searching for something fun, casual, and something that mirrors our everyday life. Jewellery is that constant companion we wear no matter where we go, even in the most ordinary situations, like visiting the restroom.

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