Photo & Video Marketer

Mike Kieler Andersen


Cars have always been an obsession for me. The gear, the sound, the feeling of freedom and control is amazing. Why I drive a (not new) red Mitsubishi, well, I am still a bit old school ;-).

My two greatest passions are photography and yes, cars. Often the two topics go hand in hand, but the best thing I know, when I am out with my camera is to get out into the nature to listen, feel and see everything that is around me. I simply enjoy the moment and being present outdoors. I love both the quietness as well as the unpredictable Danish weather. The contrast is a very good description of who I am.

Fin art picture of a blue BMW car under hexagon light
A red mitsubishi driving on a small road in the fog.
3 Words That Describe Me
  • Creative
  • Thoughtful
  • Present
A photographer standing in the middle of a herd of horses.
What I Do

My work is to create the images that will be used for the assignments we receive. I create what the customer wants together with my colleagues.

I travel to locations and photograph the pictures we need and then I will edit the pictures so they are absolutely perfect. At Kanqvist, we collaborate on the tasks to get the right result.

To me pictures are not just pictures. They are tales of life. Images are a gateway to emotions and thoughts. My finest job is to get the right feelings out of people through the images and videos I create. What drives me is working with the people I work with (my extended family).