Kanqvist is a creative design studio founded by Chi Mei Kan and Co-founder Jan Bo Elmqvist.

Chi Mei Kan (Timi)

It all started in kindergarten with a pencil in my hand. Drawing has always been my way of expressing myself. The pencil strokes have no restrictions, though the materials guide me to reflect on their potential.

Over the years, I have learned that there is a certain quality in simplicity. Simplicity is about appreciating the empty space and subtle details.

Born in Denmark to Hong Kong Chinese parents, it only made sense to merge the influence of Scandinavian simplicity and laid-back attitude with Asian golden warmth and mystery in our designs.

I grew up influenced by my mother’s love for gold, preferably the very soft 24 karat. When walking on the busy streets of Hong Kong, I understood her fascination. There’s a jewellery shop on every corner, and you’re almost blinded by the heavy solid gold jewellery and figurines perfectly displayed in the large windows. It is such a contrast to the fine and delicate jewellery here in Denmark.

It is my aspiration to design for longevity while still creating excitement and testing boundaries. There is a slight tenderness and impatience in my creative work process, but the creative hiccups are what make designing meaningful.

I love the idea of designing jewellery that can last a lifetime and live on for generations. I want to focus on giving a nod to the past, being a reflection of the present, and an inspiration to the future, all while keeping it playful and significant.

With a fashion design degree in the backpack, I’ve gathered key experiences both in fashion and jewellery industry before teaming up with Jan Bo in the pursuit of establishing Kanqvist. Our projects are a journey in seeking beauty and empowerment that begins with a pencil stroke.

‘Simplicity is about appreciating the empty space and subtle details.’