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ABC – “Paper Art”

Gro Odense Byhaver is located on a is a green spot near the river at Skt. Jørgens Engen, which is filled with raised garden beds, where members have the opportunity to grow plants, flowers and organic vegetables and herbs.  The garden is open to the public to enjoy the area and hosts occasional workshops and events.

The urban garden is often invited to join green events so they wanted a logo for which they could use to promote their non-profit organisation.

They wanted to design a fun logo which appeal to adult as well as children. Two versions were made, a colourful logo which illustrates biodiversity with fruit, flowers, vegetables, herbs, bird and insects. A logo with details to encourage the curiousity of the children. The second logo is an outline of the the first logo. A two coloured logo which is more simple and printfriendly.

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