Where to Get Free Apples in Odense

March 17, 2020

Honestly, who doesn’t want free food and fruit? We are surrounded by food which can be found in public places, just waiting to be picked.

The urban garden Gro Odense wants to help people in Odense to find apple tree and other fruit and berries by mapping all the places where you can find it. To achieve a full map they would like to invite everyone to share their best places to pick free fruit. To spread the words they ask me to design a flyer and an invitation for the Apple Mapping Event which is going to be held at Odense Hovedbibliotek during Odense Architecture Festival.

The main focus is to map the apple trees so for the flyer and invitation so I chose to hand draw some red apples with colour pencils to get a more natural feel.

I kept the layout simple and clean. It is amazing what you can achieve with just two drawings.

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